Copy editing your own work

Style sheet for copyediting Doing your own copy editing would have to be one of the most fraught jobs! It's because we very often see what we expect to see, rather than what is actually on the page. When you have revised your story or novel or article 10 times, you stop "seeing" the actual words and punctuation, and instead "hear" the text. It's a bit like having it read aloud to you. Hard to explain but you probably know what I mean. Because you have given your work to someone and they said, … [Read more...]

5 grammar errors that drive editors crazy!

We all have little grammar things or words we can’t spell. One of mine is woolen/woollen, don’t ask me why! But as a teacher, over the years I’ve seen a lot of common errors that writers make, and all of them are easily fixed with a bit of careful re-reading before submission. The ones that drive me, and most editors, crazy are the simple ones you should know. Grammar is not a set of rules designed to make your writing life miserable. The rules are there so that your readers know exactly what … [Read more...]