Day #25, Writing Challenge

25 days of writing prompts, and we are still going!This prompt was one given to me a few years ago by writer Meg Files - it will stretch your imagination.   Fiction:  Take a piece of paper and down the left-hand side, write these words (space them out a bit): coat, hat, umbrella, shoes, armour, quilt, rug.  Then down the right-hand side, write these words: feathers, arrows, bones, bearskin, eggshells, skin, thorns. Close your eyes and put a finger on the left (write down the word … [Read more...]

Day #24, Writing Challenge

We often make assumptions about what males and females can or should do. It can lead to stereotypes in our characters.   Fiction:  Make a list of five occupations that are either traditionally male or female (be adventurous, don’t just go with housewife or truck driver). Choose one and write a scene about someone who is applying for that traditional job who is of the other gender. Make it a conflict scene!   Poetry:  Write a first-person poem about someone catching sight of … [Read more...]

Day #23, Writing Challenge

For some reason, birthdays can cause great joy or horrible situations (a bit like Christmas). Maybe it's all the family getting together...   Fiction: Write a story in which your main character arrives home to discover a surprise birthday party is waiting for him/her. Does your character love or hate surprises? Where might this lead?   Poetry: Write a poem about your last birthday. Focus on details and images rather than explanations.   … [Read more...]

Day #22, Writing Challenge

Out of the five senses we use, sound can be the most confusing and infuriating. Just try a game of Chinese Whispers to see how easily a message goes wrong. Today's prompts work on this idea.   Fiction: Write a scene or story that takes place in an extremely loud setting, e.g. a nightclub, a rock concert, a building site with a jackhammer. Play with the misunderstandings that might result.   Poetry: Start a poem with a line from your current favorite song. When you have … [Read more...]

Day #21, Writing Challenge

How often, as a fiction writer, do you look to poetry for inspiration? You may do this all the time (read and write poetry) or it may never have occurred to you. Today's prompts are about poetry and life!   Fiction:  Write a story or scene that is influenced in some way by a poem. Perhaps one character reads a poem to the other, or they argue over a poem, or a poem incites one to speak the truth to the other ...   Poetry: Google “haiku examples” to get inspired, then write … [Read more...]

Day #20, Writing Challenge

Sometimes it just happens - you meet someone and there is an instant connection. Could be love, could be hate... Fiction: Write a scene in which two people fall in love at first sight, or conversely, loathe each other at first meeting ­ make it convincing! Poetry: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or loathing? Write a poem about either (if you are doing both prompts each day, make one about love and one about loathing).   Don't forget how much body language shows this stuff! … [Read more...]

Day #19, Writing Challenge

Sometimes one word is enough to spark a story or poem.  But I like a challenge!   Fiction: Write a scene or story that includes an umbrella, a jar of peanut butter, a dictionary and a red Mustang convertible.   Poetry: Write a poem that includes these words: basket, convincing, purple, curtain, madness. Challenge yourself further and use each word twice. … [Read more...]

Day #18, Writing Challenge

There are dozens of lists - things to do, things not to forget, gift lists ...   Fiction: Write a story that is based around a list of some kind, either a list made by one of the characters, or a list you make yourself as the basis of the story.   Poetry: Write a poem that is a litany, i.e. where every line starts with the same word or phrase. (This is sometimes called a hymn or list poem - I like litany.)   Put writing on your To Do List today! … [Read more...]

Day #17, Writing Challenge

Sometimes something old can spark off a new idea or spin. A favorite "spin-off" is to rewrite a fairy tale or do something different with it. (Try reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by A. Wolf!)   Fiction: What is the first fairy tale that comes to your mind? Write down the basic points of the tale and then write a modern version of it. Use parody or humor if you wish, or change the main character or point of view character.   Poetry: Write a poem about a fairy tale in … [Read more...]

Day #16, Writing Challenge

What is it about famous people? Are they really who we think?   Fiction: Write a story in which your character (male or female) accidentally meets their idol in circumstances that are very embarrassing for the idol (and may require your character to rescue them). Or if you get stuck, make it embarrassing for the character. Push yourself on this one and explore humor, perhaps.   Poetry: Write an ode to someone in history whom you admire or despise for some reason.  ­Try to show what … [Read more...]