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writing cottageOver on my other blog, I’ve been writing about solitude and how much we writers need it. Not just for writing, but for thinking and dreaming. Yet so often this needs to begin with your physical space. Some writers are lucky to have a whole room for themselves, away from the household and the general noise. I know a few who rent writing rooms in community spaces, and some who write in cafes and public places. At home, a writing space/place can be an issue when you share with others and there simply is no room. I’ve heard of writers making their rooms inside cupboards and large cardboard boxes!

Wherever you make a space for your writing, consider these things:

* Being able to really and truly shut the door, and not be interrupted.

* Creating a space that feels right to you, where you can daydream as well as you can write.

* You may want to include a comfy chair for reading. Keeping your reading and writing together helps.

* Thinking about a ritual of some kind to get you started when you go in there. It could be sharpening pencils! Or starting with ten minutes of journalling to clear your mind. Or reading over the pages you wrote yesterday as a “runway” back into your novel.

I also have a dream of a backyard writing room, out among the birds and trees. I love to collect pictures of my favourites, even if I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford one. If you don’t have a writing space, or one that works for you, maybe it’s time to dream and plan and see if you can create what you need? (Hint: just do a search for tiny backyard houses!)


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