Day #7, Writing Challenge!

Guess what – it’s Day 7 and we’ve been writing for almost a week.
Hope you’re going well!


Today we’re continuing our theme of secrets.
They really are a powerful tool in fiction writing and poetry.


Fiction: Write a scene in which a character accidentally reveals
a long-held secret, and show the fall-out on all characters present.


If you write for children, you can make the characters two children
or a child and an adult.


Poetry: Write a poem about your secret of yesterday, *but* from
the point of view of the person who the secret is about ­ Part 2.
How do they see the secret? What effect has it had on them?
You will need to imagine standing in their place for this.


See you tomorrow.
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  1. Jennifer Eagleton says


    I’m a clock, you can read me
    But you do not know the time I tell
    Just that when my hands reach a certain (arbitrary) point
    It could be the calm of early morning,
    Or the blue black of midnight
    Or the equilibrium of noon.

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