Day #6, Writing Challenge

While we tend to think of conflict as an open battle of some kind, there are more subtle ways of showing it. One of the most effective tools, used well, is silence. Try it out!


Fiction: Write a scene in which one character is trying to get information out of the other, who is refusing. See how effectively you can use silence with both characters.


Poetry: Write a poem about a secret you know (old ones are better) about someone. Or you might choose to write about a secret of your own that you’ve never revealed. After all, these writing exercises are just for you!  This is Part 1 – Part 2 tomorrow.

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  1. Jennifer Eagleton says


    Synapses are faulty – you say
    One minute up, one down
    This sea of alternates are like the tides –
    How different from the rest of us?

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